Cornelissen Forklift is an organisation specialised in:

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Safety inspections
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Parts

Off forklifts and internal transport material. For example reachtrucks, (electrical) pallettrucks, sweepers, rough terrain trucks, Golfcaddy, Space O Mat, CC transporters and other machines. Our company exist since 1985 and has developed to a established company, as well in the Netherlands as in Europe. Service, safety inspections at our workshop and on location at your company. Also if you need a rental truck or your truck needs to be transported to an other company you can call us. For the transport to our workshop whe have got our own Transporttruck available. For our Special Forklifts in the potplant bussiness whe refer you to our company Cornelissen Pothandling Wellerlooi B.V.

Also wel sell the MAX HOLLAND trucks, for information you can look at

Here can you download the Metaalunie conditions.

We are also affiliated with MKB Limburg and Koninklijke Metaalunie

These companys worke with our Pothandling Trucks

Topfkräuter OpdenPlatz GbR. Hülst 44, D-41379  BRÜGGEN 2 



Topfpflanzen Wolfgang Ripkens

Holterstraße 29, D-47638 Straelen


Andrea und Dieter Ingenwepelt

Maasstrasse 16, D-47638 Straelen

Our company

Our busines is sales, maintenance, rental of forklifts, space o mat and other internal transport. Inter alia, reach trucks, (electro) pallet trucks, sweepers, golfcaddy, roughterrainforklifts, CC transporters and other relatives.






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Cornelissen Vorkheftrucks B.V.
Rijksweg-Zuid 31
5856 AA Wellerlooi
T: 0031-478-501957